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newz from splash170!~

hi evereybody and this is splash170! i just wanted to tell you that i have not been here for a while becuz i am catching up on my homework and here is my list of homwork!

– 3 projects = #1  a science project i have to work on my green algae assignment

                    = #2  my history project on Kinglouis XIV and the segneuries (at least i have a partner for that)

                     =#3  my bible project on my memory verse of the week

2 tests- #1-  my novel study test on the book called “the wind in the willows”

               #2- my math test about perimeter and area and 3-D shapes

5 assignments-   – a creative writing assingment ( really easy ) we just write chapter 4 of “the wind in the willows” over again but in our own creative way , liek change characters and stuff

  – a math assignment on 3-D  shapes (easy peasy)!!

 –  memory verse

– jornal entry for this Monday

  – a poster borad of what we are planning to be when we grow up ( almost done) and thats pretty much all!!

also new webkinz newz!NEW SPOTTED TURTLE!! credit to  and its so cool when you compare them !! also new webkinz recipe has been solved!  credit to  and the recipe is hotdog, taco and burgers in the sandwhich maker  so plz be sure to visit the sites listed above!!

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thank-you kittycream!!!~!~!~!

thank you sooo much kittycream for my AMAZING HEADER! i am soooooooooooooo HAPPY , its the best header EVER!~!~!~ i looove it!~~!  you get a prize!!!~!~ thank you sooo much kitty , thats a real friend ! i wont delete it until like…. alot of months!!~! 😀

Posted by: splash170 | November 7, 2008

I’M BACK!! =)

i had a F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C time in NEW YORK CITY!! i will show you all of the things that i got

isnt that sooo pretty! we got it at the shop near to where we stayed!

look at this store! it had soo many webkinz things and i got……………. THIS AWSOME HUH?? well, i got more stuff , but i still want you all to go to the contest that ilovehorses made kindly below!! THANKZ SOO MCUH ILOVEHORSES!~!~!~! well, bye~! ps. tomorrow is folkfest!

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Smarties Contest!!!

Hi again! This is ILH, ILoveHorses! Well u have probably read under this post that there will be a Comment Contest. Well this is it! In fact, since I was just eating Smarties a while ago, I’ve decided 2 call it the Smarties Contest! All u have 2 do is 4 every comment u make, u must say: Smarties! Whoever doesn’t say Smarties! (with an exclamation point) is eliminated from the contest! This is also a comment contest. So here r the prizes!

Comment 50: A Pink Poodle Psf and a Wacky Bingoz Coupon!

Comment 150: A Rare Ruffle T-Shirt and a 25% off coupon!

Comment 250: Kid’s Chair and a new Circle Sensation Carpet! (u don’t have 2 buy the carpet, we’ll buy it 4 u!)

Comment 350: A Rare Desert Window!

Comment 450: A Solar Helmet!

Comment 550: A Rockin’ Robotail Clock!

Comment 1000 (yup, that’s right, 1000!): A MYSTERY?????

so those r the prizes and here’s a hint 4 the Mystery Prize: It is a super exclusive! But what kind of exclusive? Hmmm…I wonder what it is! Well keep on commenting! And you’ll soon find out! Remember 2 say Smarties! b4 every comment! I will post an example soon! HAVE FUN AND KEEP ON COMMENTING!!!

New! In case u guyz haven’t read the first comment, here r the rules 4 this contest:




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November Kick-Off!

WOO-HOO! This is ILoveHorses! bringing loads of Webkinz fun 2 u! October has finally gone, and November is here! U know what that means?! Oh my goodness! TONS of fun, contests, and more r coming up here at Splash170’s! So get ready for it! Oh my goodness! I am nearly bursting to type this! First, I will announce the winner for the hitz contest! This is the BIG moment you have all been waiting for! The winner is……. HEY! Where did my mike go… Umm… AAHHH! Here we go… And the winner is!!!!!


Oh my goodness! WHEW! OUCH, OOOHHH! OW! STOP THAT!!!!! I WANT MY MOMMY!!! 😦 😥 Look at those crowds swarming to get a pic of Emma, the winner of the hits contest! And, OW! My legs feel like wet stockings! :whimper: Well anywayz! The poll has also ended! So I will soon be deleting that! And the results are:

YES! I WILL MAKE AN ADVICE PAGE! The poll went really well! There were 7 votes in all and it tied down to 5 votes 4 yes and 2 votes 4 no. So I will make an advice page! And it will start 2-morrow! YAY!!!!! The advice page will be 4 homework help, (we won’t give out answers but we will definitely help u!) family problems, (sisters and brothers.) blog questions, and more! So be sure 2 check it out!

Oh ya, and there will be a comment contest! YES, YES, AND YES! I AM SERIOUS!!! It will be the best comment contest ever at Splash170’s! It will definitely start 2-morrow! So get ready 2 comment, comment, comment! Three will be TONS of rare prizes and more! So be sure 2 comment here and try 2 win something! And plz, plz, plz enter in the Thanksgiving Contest! The Thanksgiving Contest is under the post HAPPY THANKSGIVING! So be sure 2 participate in that. Also the prize 4 the Thanksgiving Contest is:

A rabbit PSF and a Terry Robe!!! YAY! So they r great prizes, be sure 2 participate in it!

And srry that I haven’t been posting a lot lately. I’m srry, I’m kind of 2 busy 2 post and all that. But I will try 2. So plz don’t get mad at me and leave LOTS of tips and advice 4 this blog Thxs! Also I will try 2 update some of the pages more. I apologize if u hardly c any pics here. We don’t have a picture program and stuff…. But plz still come! And this blog is going 2 be changing 2 make this blog FUN AND FANTASTIC 4 u 2 come 2! :mrgreen: So that is all and Happy November! 🙂                            

ILH. 😉

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im going on my trip today all the way until next sunday or saturday!! im soooo excited!!! we are going to NEW yORK because my grandpa’s brother died 😦 so we are going there for a while , i might be able to comment but i dont knowm so wish me a happy trip!! AND I WANTED TO A SPECIAL THANKZ TO ILOVEHORSES FOR EVERYTHING THAT SHE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: splash170 | October 25, 2008


hi everybody guess what?? something really COOL happened to me last night guess what it was??  I GOT A PUPPY!!! here is picture of Mimi my baby maltese puppy!! say hi!!!!!!!! I AM SOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!

in this picture my aunt is holding her becuz we had family over last night!! 😀  so give a happy warm welcome to MIMI!!!!!!!!

 here she is on our new new coffee table that my aunt bought my mom , the reason she came over is to (see the puppy) and becuz she just came back from China !! i think it was last week that she came back 😀

 cute huh?? i know its A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E !! 🙂

Posted by: splash170 | October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everybody! This is ILoveHorses! And at www.splash170.wordpress.comWe just want 2 wish u a Happy Thanksgiving! This is 4 both Canadian and American Thanksgiving Holidays. But I am writing 4 Canada’s Thanksgiving mainly, because 2-day it is Canadian Thanksgiving! There r a lot of cool things 2 do on Thanksgiving and one thing 2 do is list 10 things that u r thankful 4! And we r going 2 have a small contest 4 just that! So all u have 2 do is list 10 things that u thank God 4 and post it right under this post! Then plz leave your Webkinz Username and we will randomly pick someone 2 give a prize 2! And the prize will be: A special Thanksgiving Treat 4 your Webkinz pet! So plz tell everybody u know 2 participate in this thankful contest and comment under this post! Thxs and remember: here is also a Hitz Contest going on right here! So plz come and raise our hitz 2 5,000 and beyond by the end of October. We will pick someone randomly and reward that person with a MYSTERY PRIZE! So plz comment and advertise 4 these 2 splashy wonderful contests! And if u have any more suggestions in maiing this site better, plz don’t hestitate 2 tell us! Just leave a comment anywhere and tell us! Thxs! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  😀 🙂 😉 :mrgreen:

Thanksgiving Clip Art! Special Thanks 2:


Posted by: splash170 | October 10, 2008

Cinnamonham’s Terrific Blog!

Hello 2 one and all! This is ILoveHorses! bringing exciting news 2 the blogroll and your Webkinz pets! Well there r some exciting things happening here at That’s 4 sure! Plus we got 2 5,000 hitz!!! Isn’t that sooo great??!! Well even if we got 2 5,000 hitz, that doesn’t mean u should stop coming here! We love it when u come and chat here! It’s really nice and fun! So I hope that u can wait a little while 4 the winner, because I will announce the winner at the end of this month! So plz hold on 2 your seats! And I picked out an AMAZING prize 2 give out! But you’ll have 2 wait, because October isn’t finished yet! I’m very sure that the winner will LOVE his/her prize! Also there r going 2 be some more totally cool things happening here! So be sure 2 come here every day! And now 4 the highlight of this post!

Cinnamonham is having a super duper AMAZING contest at her blog: Actually, 2 great contests! So it is TWICE the fun! Yay!!! So plz just visit it and participate in her fun contests and games! Her site is fun and is a hammy lover’s dream come true! But her blog is not all about hammies, she has way more fun things! She has game tips and animal facts and more! Be sure 2 visit her blog 2-day, but plz remember 2 come here 2! So plz just click the link or u can find it on our blogroll. Thxs!

Also, I am having a super duper cool poll! Right on this post! So plz hurry and vote because this poll ends at the end of October!It is a poll on whether I should add an Advice Page or not. PLZ VOTE! Have a wonderful October! 🙂 😀

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Hitz Contest!

Hey ya’ll! There is going 2 be a hitz contest right here at We want 2 get 2 5,000 hitz or more by the end of October. All u have 2 do 4 this contest is: Visit here as much as possible. Leave at LEAST one comment each time u visit. Then go and advertise this blog. And HAVE FUN! We will also have a cool prize 4 someone during this fantastic HITZ CONTEST! The prize will be….. Drumroll plz! Rat-a-tat-tat!


That’s right! The mystery prize might be a super rare item or it could be a food item or piece of clothing. Whatever it is, we’re sure you’ll LOVE it! So COMMENT YOUR HEART OUT! AND ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE HAVE FUN! 🙂 😉 :mrgreen:

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